Functional Safety Prior Use for Legacy Systems

Functional Safety Component Compliance Support

Method Compliance Assessment specialises in assessing and certifying components used in Safety Instrumented Functions. We help:

  • End users to demonstrate that installed and “legacy” instrumentation meets the requirements of IEC 61511 as being “Prior Use”.
  • Product manufacturers develop and certify their products to meet the requirements of IEC 61508.

Prior Use Assessments

When we carry out Prior Use Assessments, we work with the end user and the product manufacturer to collect and analyse failure data to confirm that the product has the correct integrity and the product manufacturer has adequate control of production.

A flexible, down to earth approach

When we work with Product Manufacturers, we work flexibly with the client.

  • We support those developing new products to IEC 61508 Route 1 and those needing a Proven In Use assessment of an existing product to IEC 61508 Route 2.
  • We provide relevant training courses, deliver workshops focussed on the client’s actual project, we advise and consult, we prepare the documentation for formal certification or carry out the certification ourselves. If the Product Manufacturer doesn’t know what they need, we can work that out together.

Method provides practical, down-to-earth, sleeves rolled up support for business. Whenever we do consultancy, we ensure the work we do is compliant with the relevant standards and guidelines – and that you also know what’s expected of you and others to achieve the same end.

We are part of the Method Safety and Security group.

Please contact Method Compliance Assessment on 01462 713313 or email for more information.
Jeni Lewthwaite - Managing Director of Method Compliance Assessment.

Jeni Lewthwaite Method

Jeni Lewthwaite - Managing Director of Method Compliance Assessment

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Member of:

  • IET – Member and Chartered Engineer
  • 61508 Association
  • IEC TC65 SC65A WG18 Committee- developing IEC 63187, the functional safety standard for the Defence industry


Member of IEC TC65 SC65A WG18 Committee

=Method are proud to be a member of the IEC TC65 SC65A WG18 Committee for the development of the standard IEC 63187 "Functional safety – Framework for safety critical E/E/PE systems for defence industry applications"

We use our insights into the development of the standard to support our work with our military and defence industry clients and use our knowledge of working in these industries to ensure the standard will meet the needs of our clients.